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Badges for Academic Standards

Academic badges let students show that they are meeting standards - while showing who they are as individuals. Richer Picture® badges let you identify the most important skills and competencies in each subject area, and turn them into a roadmap for students to follow.

Academic badges can show achievement across the curriculum: math, science, reading, writing, social studies, world languages, physical education, health, the arts, business and any elective that your school offers.

The process is simple:

  • Schools define the key competencies or standards for each badge;
  • Students upload their best evidence to demonstrate each standards;
  • When students complete all the standards, they are awarded the badge.

Example: to earn a writing badge, students can submit samples from each key genre: procedural, persuasive, reflective, reports and responses to literature.

Academic badges can reflect your school's curriculum, from traditional assignments to project-based learning to online simulations. Richer Picture also makes it very easy to share common rubrics to make your assessments more consistent. The best evidence of your students' achievements can come straight from your current classrooms.