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Digital Badging helps demonstrate learning

Richer Picture's Digital Badging platform is a visual way to show each student's progress across subject areas. Students can show the skills they gain in or out of the classroom and to demonstrate how they meet standards and competencies.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital Badges are credentials that students earn by completing a set of requirements.

  • Badges can be tied to academics (writing, math, reading), extra curriculars. Careers and Technical Education (CTE) programs, and individual learning plans (ILP).
  • Requirements can include completing assignments and projects, submitting portfolios, registering hours in a log or fulfilling course/graduation requirements.
Our Digital Badges are...

Students can earn badges that align with their personal interests and with their career / college goals.


To earn badges. students can meet requirements which are linked to competencies and proficiencies, Faculty can use comrrorm rubrics to help students see the progress they are making towards earning each badge.


Students can prepare "tours" - presentations or their work that shows their growth over time, or projects and quests that show their ability to work independently Schools can customize the available badges and set their