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Each chapter covers a key step in implementing digital badges and portfolios at your school. Click on the blog post for each chapter to learn more!

Chapter 1: Setting the Vision
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Chapter 2: Defining Badges
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Chapter 3: Creating Portfolio-Worthy Tasks
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Chapter 4: Effective Feedback with Schoolwide Rubrics
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Chapter 5: Tours: Student Presentations of Portfolios
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Chapter 6: Creating a Badge- and Portfolio-Friendly School Culture
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Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios

By David Niguidula

InĀ Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios , David Niguidula shows how students can meet standards and express their individuality through digital badges and portfolios. Building off an essential question - What do schools want their students to know and be able to do? - he then shows how schools can implement a proficiency-based approach to student learning that has been successfully field-tested in districts across the United States.

In manageable steps, readers are guided through the implementation process.

The book shows readers how to:

  • Connect standards to badges.
  • Create portfolio worthy tasks.
  • Develop common rubrics and a common understanding of what work is considered "good enough"
  • Guide students in curating the elements of their portfolios.
  • Promote authentic student reflection on their work.