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Articles and Publications by our Staff

  • David Niguidula, "Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios", ASCD, January 2019. [ link ]
  • David Niguidula, "Digital Portfolios and Curriculum Maps: Linking Student and Teacher Work?", published in Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, ed., ASCD, January 2010. [ link ]
  • David Niguidula, Written Input to US Department of Education, Race to the Top Assessment Program, November 2009. [ link ]
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  • David Niguidula, Hilarie Davis and Gail Ring, "Digital Portfolios: A Dozen Lessons from a Dozen Years." Prepared for the National Educational Computing conference (NECC), June 2005: Philadelphia. [ link ]
  • Hilarie Davis, David Niguidula and Gail Ring, "Side Effects and Benefits of Digital Portfolios: The Culture Factor" Paper submitted for ePortfolio conference, European Institute for E-Learning, La Rochelle, France, October, 2004. [ link ]
  • David Niguidula, "How Technology Can Improve Assessment and Accountability," in Better Teaching and Learning the Digital Classroom (D. T. Gordon, ed.), Cambridge: Harvard Education Press, 2003 [ link ]
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  • David Niguidula and Hilarie Davis, "Personalizing Data with Digital Portfolios." Classroom Leadership (online edition), March 2003. [ link ]
  • The original research on Digital Portfolios was conducted at the Coalition of Essential Schools and Annenberg Institute for School Reform. David Niguidula's publications from that research include:
    • David Niguidula, The Digital Portfolio: A Richer Picture of Student Performance. (CD-ROM) Providence, RI: Coalition of Essential Schools, 1997. [not currently online]
    • David Niguidula, "Picturing Performance with Digital Portfolios." Educational Leadership, November 1997, pp. 26-29. [ link ]
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    • David Niguidula, "The Digital Portfolio: A Richer Picture of Student Performance" (Studies on Exhibitions, No. 13.) Providence, RI: Coalition of Essential Schools, 1993. [ link ]

Publications about our work

  • Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Marie Hubley Alcock, Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments (2017, ASCD) [ link ]
  • Interview with David Moscarelli: "Technology can help align education, modern workforce." Providence Business News [ link ]
  • Michael Fisher, Digital Learning Strategies: How Do I Assign and Assess 21st Century Work? (ASCD, 2014) [ link ]
  • Allison Zmuda, "How Digital Portfolios Document and Motivate Learning" [ link ]
  • Sharleen Nelson, "3 Keys for a Successful E-Portfolio Implementation," THE Journal [ link ]
  • Paul Allison, "New Life to Digital Portfolios" Teachers Teaching Teachers [ link ]
  • Bob Pearlman, Digital Portfolios - [ link ]
  • Melinda Kolk, [ link ]
  • Kelly Rizzo, "Creating a Richer Picture" [ link ]
  • Silvia Tolisano, "Wrapping My mind Around Digital Portfolios" [ link ]
  • David Baiz and Valerie Miller, teachers at Global Tech, won a Goldie Anna award for their use of Richer Picture as part of their innovative classrooms. A video about the work that led to this award can be found here: [ link ]
  • Jeff Archer, "Digital Portfolios: An Alternative Approach to Assessing Progress," Education Week, March 22, 2007 [ link ]
  • J. Salpeter, "Accountability: Meeting The Challenge With Technology." Technology and Learning, January 2002. This article focuses on how technology is being applied to handle new issues of assessment and accountability. Among the examples is the Mamaroneck, New York, school district, which is using data (including digital portfolios) to create new kinds of flows of information about student achievement. [ link ]
  • Riconscente, M. Digital portfolios: An enduring promise for enhancing assessment. [ link ]
  • Boas, K. Portraits of Students in a Digital Age. Providence Journal (Northwest Edition), February 7, 2003. Describes digital portfolio project at Ponaganset High School.
  • Branigan, C. Teacher-created video portrays students, skills for parents. eSchool News, April 24, 2002. eSchoolNews Describes how portfolios are used to enhance parent-teacher conferences.
  • Jobe, H. Podcast: Digital Portfolios. From Interviews with Educational Leaders, June 2005.
  • Pearlman, R. Reinventing the High School Experience. Educational Leadership, April 2002.
    Describes the efforts of three new kinds of high schools -- High Tech High, New Tech High and the Met School. Bob Pearlman describes how digital portfolios provide a form of assessment that reflects these re-invented environments.
  • Pina, A. Digital images bring parents virtually into the classroom. Providence Journal, April 14, 2002.
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