We are bringing on the heat of summer with Pathways!

Join us for our webinar session on: August 22 at 11:00 am Eastern Time. 

    Summer is the time for students to start thinking about their goals for the up-coming school year. It is also when teachers begin centering their classroom and learning curriculum towards preparing students for life after high school. Schools set their students on track for graduation and beyond with customized Career Pathways and Digital Badges. 

      Our Free Webinar will discuss how Pathways get students thinking about their aspirations beyond high school through personal goal setting. Students begin by setting goals based on their individual learning plans.    

      • What are the students long term plans for college or career?
      • What goal would they like to achieve in their academic work this year or beyond?
      • Are there any personal or social goals that they want to achieve?

      Digital badges are awarded for completion of requirements directly linked to helping students prepare for career pathways that match their skills and interests. Interested in hearing more about digital badges serving as a visual reminder for what the student hopes to accomplish? 

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