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Digital Badges for After-School Programs

Digital Badges for Career and College Readiness

Digital Badges for Academic Achievement

Celebrating Student Growth with Digital Badges

Digital Badging to Support Community Partnerships

Addressing College Readiness While Distance Learning

How Can Schools Use Portfolios Instead of Final Exams?

Personalized Assessment: Adding Student Voice and Choice with Digital Badges

How Can Schools Create Effective Student Tours?

Demonstrating the Whole Child with Digital Badges

Project Based Learning

College and Career Readiness

Individual Learning Plans: Effective Goal Setting

Using Data Dashboards Effectively

Thu., Aug 15, 2019

What makes a data dashboard useful? Having all your data together in one place is a good first step. This webinar discusses the essential questions that can turn your dashboards into effective tools.

Managing Personalization with Digital Badges

Thu., Apr 11, 2019

Teaching and learning is becoming more personalized. It's very exciting for students, but how do schools manage to track their progress? This session will discuss how schools use digital badges to monitor student progress and guide you through the steps of creating customized badges.

New Directions in College Admissions

Thu., May 03, 2018

How can college admissions be more accessible and more inclusive? Our guest speaker, Tim Groves of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, will talk about the Coalition's new tools for helping students achieve their dream of college admission. We will look at these tools and how Richer Picture's Individual Learning Plans can help students navigate the admissions process and prepare students for success throughout their college years.

How Can Digital Badges and Portfolios Show Proficiency?

Wed., Apr 26, 2017

Digital Badges are an exciting way for students to show their progress and for schools to implement competency-based teaching and learning. In this webinar, you will learn about the essential questions for successful implementation:
  • How do we define our badges and our competencies?
  • How do students present their best work?
  • How do we agree on what work is good enough?
  • How can students earn badges for achievement - while showing who they are as individuals?

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