25 Years of Digital Portfolios:
The Enduring Essential Questions

This event will take place on Friday, December 2, 2016, 8:45 a.m. (Eastern Time).

How can students demonstrate that they are meeting standards – while showing who they are as individuals? In 1992, the "Exhibitions Project" at CES led the first-ever research project on digital portfolios. Technology has changed dramatically in the ensuing quarter-century, but the essential questions for creating digital portfolios have endured.

Participants will address these essential questions including:

  • Vision: What should a student know and be able to do?
  • Purpose: Why do we collect student work?
  • Audience: What audiences are important to us?
  • Assessment: How can students demonstrate the school vision? How we know what's good?
  • Technology: What hardware, software, and networking will we need? Who will support the system?
  • Logistics: When will information be digitized? Who will do it?

In addition, participants will engage in a calibration protocol for reviewing student work, using online rubrics and narrative assessments.


Presented by:

  • David Niguidula, Ideas Consulting
  • Hazel Roseboro-Joseph, Principal, University Heights High School (Bronx, NY)


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